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The Positive Personnel Practices (PPP) division of Modern Management designs and administers surveys providing clients with information they need to achieve improvements throughout the organization. Typical surveys provided include:

Employee Opinion Surveys

Modern Management’s PPP Employee Opinion Survey compiles information in three areas that are crucial to every business: the organization as employees see it, employee preferences concerning their working environment, and steps management can take, based on employee input, to produce improvements in the organization.

The survey has four distinct components: the Core Survey, with questions covering 12 organizational areas, the Written Comments, the Custom-Designed Questions, and the General Satisfaction Measures, which provide an accurate 
assessment of factors related to employee productivity and morale.

Working with senior management throughout the survey process, Modern Management consultants assist with the development of custom-designed questions, survey administration, analysis of the results with a comparison to the national normative database, presentation of results to executive management, and training for supervisors and managers for employee feedback sessions. Based on input from the feedback session and other sources, Modern Management consultants then develop the final action plan to produce changes throughout the organization.

Employee Exit Surveys

The Positive Personnel Practices Employee Exit Process provides some unique features to clients: A process integrating with the existing employee engagement survey processes providing actionable organizational predictors of turnover; and, Critical incident reporting that allows for immediate follow up by management on either positive or negative aspects of employment. The exit survey process can be administered in either internet-based or telephone format depending on client preference.

HR Customer Satisfaction Survey

Is an internal survey of key leaders throughout the organization and is conducted to receive feedback on the effectiveness of Human Resource programs and services.  Questions are designed in cooperation with HR leadership to address key HR components.  As with all Positive Personnel Practices surveys the HR Customer Survey can be administered in a variety of formats depending on the client’s preference.


Modern Management employs a nationwide staff of highly experienced consultants — each of whom has specialized expertise in a certain field and all of whom possess hands-on experience at some of the world’s largest and best-known corporations and business enterprises.