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Employee Relations – how it’s defined varies with each organization. But no matter what the business, a basic tenet of employee relations relates to how employees feel about their jobs and work environment.  At Modern Management, our consultants help companies focus on direct, open and honest communication with their employees. By so doing, we are able to help our clients keep their organizations strong and free from external organizing activity and other challenges.

Union Avoidance

This is a pre-emptive program that works to build supervisors’ and managers’ skills in labor relations prior to the emergence of union organizing activity. In group, individual and formal training sessions, the program teaches supervisors and managers how to strengthen relations with employees by analyzing their behaviors and needs, establishing performance objectives and improving communication strategies throughout the organization

Counter-Union Organizing Strategies

When union organizing activity occurs at an organization, Modern Management consultants work closely with management to ensure that employees receive full and accurate information regarding union promises, capabilities and other issues that may arise. Modern Management believes that the employee’s right to make an informed choice on this issue is paramount and our consultants work hard to ensure that accuracy, sincerity and fairness are the cornerstones of all communication activity emanating from the company during this sensitive and sometimes emotionally-charged time.

Strategic Labor Relations Action Plans

With the rapidly shifting legal landscape in the labor relations arena, organizations are advised to develop a Strategic Labor Relations Action Plan designed to counter potential organizational activities directed by a third-party. The design of a Plan is two-fold: Providing and implementing a proactive communication strategy to minimize exposure to a union organizing drive in the first instance; and, Creating a well-developed, well-defined action plan for the organization in the event a union demands recognition and/or files a petition to represent proposed units.

Employee Relations Audit

An Employee Relations Audit identifies weaknesses and vulnerabilities within an organization that could result in significant employee discontent if left unchecked. Once the audit is completed, Modern Management consultants work with management to address the weaknesses and implement programs that strengthen relations with employees.


A tested management tool, the survey program itself enhances the flow of communication throughout the organization.