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Today’s work place reflects an evolution in the way business is conducted. With dramatic changes in the labor force and a new work ethic, organizations strive to make maximum use of their human resources. At Modern Management, we know that clients require contemporary leadership, enlightened management and progressive human resource practices if they are to be successful over time. Our consultants are skilled at developing and implementing programs that are designed to accommodate the special needs and concerns of every business enterprise. These programs include:

Leadership and Management Development

Our consultants work with clients to assess the skills and developmental needs of their managers. With a clear understanding of these needs, objective-based programs are designed specifically to meet those needs – such as employee or executive coaching, performance appraisal and management, assertive communication and conflict management.

Labor Relations Training

Consultants experienced in union organizing campaigns work directly with supervisors and management to provide training that improves employee relations and helps companies maintain their non-union status.

Peer Review Programs

In a Peer Review Program, qualified employees make decisions regarding the interpretation and intent of policies and procedures as they affect fellow employees. Modern Management consultants provide assistance in policy and procedure development, program implementation and employee and management training.

Organizational Assessment and Development

Modern Management consultants will perform a complete assessment of an organization’s training and development function and will, in the process, develop and recommend a plan designed to maximize the effectiveness of the overall program.


As the field of employee and labor relations has become more complex, Modern Management has developed more specialized and sophisticated programs and approaches to assist our clients.